Pair Programming 👬️ Using VSCode Extension 🙈️

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Who doesn't love pair programming? but what if I say you can program like another one sitting beside you. 😍

In this post, I'll show you how to setup Visual Studio Code for remote pair programming.

Problem Statement

As working from home, you're required to pair program. Thus, I had to figure out how to make pair programming work for me.

Not everyone has FaceTime or Skype and No one loves this old type of method. Using the VSCode setup pair programming makes smoother than ever. 🤪

The Solution

To be honest I'll be using a simple method and decided to use pair programming using VSCode because of many reasons:

  • It uses low RAM than most IDE.
  • Almost everyone has VSCode.
  • VSCode Extension is pretty light.

Live Share

Microsoft created a great collaborative coding extension called Live Share. It’s necessary to remote pair while using VSCode. Using Live Share, you can work on the same project or file with a bunch of useful features:

  1. Live Editing
  2. Focus and Follow
  3. Group Debugging
  4. Shared Terminal

The features speak for themselves, so there’s no need to get into it. But if you want to learn more, you can here.

One thing I like is when you’re the guest, i.e. joining a live share session, you don’t need to clone and setup projects. Perfect for when you ask/are asked for help.

Live Share Audio

Live Share Audio allows you to call anyone in the Live Share session as long as they have both extensions. It’s also made by Microsoft. From my experience, it works well and the call quality has been good.

Using Live Share Audio, you no longer need to keep open Skype, Slack, FaceTime, or any other app you use for calls.

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very informative!