Introduction to Data Structure & Algorithm

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A computer program is a collection of instructions to perform a specific task. Okay, wait! ⏳

You all already knew this.

What you don't know?

A data structure is a named location that can be used to store and organize data. And, an algorithm is a collection of steps to solve a complex problem.

Let's promise 🤞 several things here in the introduction before creating the whole series.

  • I will be straight on point 😉
  • No lengthy round, round text 📍
  • Selective topics i.e. important to crack the interview 😊
  • At the end of each topic, attaching MNC interview question 🙈

Enough promises right?

So, what I will be covering here in the series?

Topic to Discuss

  1. What is an algorithm & trick of a master algorithm.
  2. Data Structure - I (Stack, Queues)
  3. Data Structure - II (Linked List, Hash Table, Heap)
  4. Tree DSA (Tree, B Tree, AVL Tree)
  5. Graph (Spanning Tree, DFS Algorithm, BFS)
  6. Sorting & Searching (Bubble, Selection, Insertion, Merge, Quick)
  7. Greedy Algorithms
  8. Dynamic Programming
  9. Backtracking, Robin-Karp Algorithm

Why Learn DSA?

  • To write optimized and scalable code
  • Effective use of time and memory
  • Better job opportunities
  • Core of Computer Science
  • All-rounder job possibility
  • To solve some real-world complex problems
  • DSA become important in the Machine Learning industry

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