Easily get distracted while working? This one tip can be a lifesaver.

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Focusing on work can be difficult sometimes with multiple distractions, especially when you're working from home.

Here's how the Pomodoro technique can help boost efficiency.

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We seem to work extended hours, but still, achieve little and feel over-worked as well as exhausted.

Coming to the point, there are numerous techniques to break this barrier and be extremely efficient.

One such technique that I swear by is Pomodoro Technique.

The fundamental idea of this technique is that you break your day into small chunks (recommended 25-30 mins), separated by short breaks (5-10 mins), and during each working slot (called a Pomodoro), you do one thing and just only one thing.

No distractions allowed.

Not even touching the phone, reading emails, taking calls,s or social media.

Whatever distraction comes your way, if it's important to address - write it somewhere - to come back to it during the next break.

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I think there is more technique than this.